A rebranding/packaging project for Karben4 Brewery, located in Madison, WI.

Ryan Koga, the admired brewmaster and former pre-med student, has a bright personality that enriches the flavors of his many beers.  Madison, WI is a closely knit community that celebrates good beer and conversation, and Karben4 is a well-known place for locals to do so.  Koga takes great pride in his malt-centric brewery, and he uses balanced amounts of each ingredient to bring about each distinct, refined brew.

I came up with a list of words that encapsulate Karben4, from researching and emailing Koga himself.  I used these words to begin my design process.

I chose to redesign the following Karben4 ales:  Fantasy Factory, Nightcall, and Block Party.


I started my process by finger painting and editing the shots to enhance each color scheme, based off the flavors in each of the three beers.70e84e31871079.5664b8732e7fd 20151206-DSC_0107 20151206-DSC_011820151206-DSC_014520151206-DSC_0114

Packaging design for Nightcall.  20151206-DSC_0120  20151206-DSC_015120151206-DSC_0136 20151206-DSC_0137 20151206-DSC_0139      Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 4.28.30 PM